The Crabs and Glyphs web site is an outgrowth of the Crabs and Glyphs advanced hieroglyphic writing  workshop, sponsored by Barbara MacLeod and Hutch Kinsman that began in 1998 in Arnold, Maryland, on the shores of the Magothy River.  As was the purpose of the workshop before, the purpose of this website now, is to decipher the Maya hieroglyphs.  The weekend workshop, held annually (almost!) until the last event in 2008, was punctuated by a feast of steamed Maryland Blue crabs, fresh from the Magothy River.  Within sight of the Chesapeake Bay, scholars and interested amateurs engaged in a weekend of presentations and discussions on details of Maya glyph decipherment.  This website is dedicated to the memory of Andrea Stone, one of the first participants of Crabs & Glyphs.



Header picture (cropped 10% top and bottom):  Composite view of the Crab nebula, iconic supernova remnant in the Milky Way galaxy, as viewed by the Herschel Space Observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope.  Courtesy NASA/JPL Caltech.




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