Welcome to the Crabs and Glyphs website that mostly focuses on matters concerning meteor showers or outbursts that may have been observed within the ancient Maya hieroglyphic writing corpus.

Numbers found recently on the walls of an “astronomer’s workshop” at the site of Xultun demonstrated that indeed the Maya recorded raw astronomical data.  Current research by the author and astronomer D. J. Asher (Armagh Observatory & Planetarium, Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK) using numerical integrations indicate that the Maya probably recorded eta Aquariid outbursts (Planetary and Space Science, Volume 144, 15 September 2017, pages 112-125).  For a download of this and additional papers see the link to the Meteor Showers page.


Hutch Kinsman  (jhkinsman@gatech.edu)

2017 September 28

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